Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Increase the swim!

I finally have found a pool to swim at. Thank goodness! Inconsistent swim practices were starting to become a real drag and so, I am more than happy to be a member at a local high school pool. I read the USAT magazine today which highlighted two main areas that harbor triathletes: Boulder, Colorado and San Diego, CA. I used to think of living in Colorado - heck, I'm used to the cold, but I've always yearned for the warmer weather. Wappingers may not be triathlon central, but we'll see if I can change that. Below is my tentative 2009 schedule:
  • Endurasports Harryman - Olympic - May 16th
  • SBR Tri #1 - Sprint - May 31
  • Need race in June - maybe NYC tri club # 1
  • Tri in the Buff - Olympic - July 5
  • Musselman - Half Iron - July 19
  • Niatic Bay Triathlon - Olympic - August 2nd
  • SBR Tri #2 - Sprint - August 15
  • Toughman - Half Iron - Sept 13
  • Westchester Triathlon - Olympic - Sept 27th
Okay, so the truth is, the funds won't support this race schedule, but I can dream right?

Check this video out below! Wow!

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