Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Increase the swim!

I finally have found a pool to swim at. Thank goodness! Inconsistent swim practices were starting to become a real drag and so, I am more than happy to be a member at a local high school pool. I read the USAT magazine today which highlighted two main areas that harbor triathletes: Boulder, Colorado and San Diego, CA. I used to think of living in Colorado - heck, I'm used to the cold, but I've always yearned for the warmer weather. Wappingers may not be triathlon central, but we'll see if I can change that. Below is my tentative 2009 schedule:
  • Endurasports Harryman - Olympic - May 16th
  • SBR Tri #1 - Sprint - May 31
  • Need race in June - maybe NYC tri club # 1
  • Tri in the Buff - Olympic - July 5
  • Musselman - Half Iron - July 19
  • Niatic Bay Triathlon - Olympic - August 2nd
  • SBR Tri #2 - Sprint - August 15
  • Toughman - Half Iron - Sept 13
  • Westchester Triathlon - Olympic - Sept 27th
Okay, so the truth is, the funds won't support this race schedule, but I can dream right?

Check this video out below! Wow!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bright Eyes!

So, I've been reading some people's blogs for a while now, and I think it's a really good idea. So, I thought to myself, why don't I start doing it? This blog is meant to reflect mostly on my training, but why not my life as well?

I've just officially signed up for the Musselman Half-iron distance! I'm stoked and my training the last week shows it. I'm a little sore but craving more. For those who don't know, I'm pretty much completely recovered from laser eye surgery! I can see!!!!! It's incredible. I've been waiting to get this surgery for a couple years now. No more contacts or eye glasses for me! Not only will this improve my overall life experience, but just imagining racing without contacts is incredible!

Yesterday, some buddies and I watched the 2003 Tour De France while riding for a nice 2 hour session. Training rides are pretty lame, but watching Lance for 2 hours was way better than staring at a wall. It looks like Salem (my cat who thinks he's a dog) enjoys trainer rides.

I've definitely been having the winter time blues. It's a lot sunnier here than Buffalo (I live in Wappingers Falls, NY), yet it still gets pretty cold. Kaitlyn got me a SAD sun box, which really brightens my mornings (sun salutations before work without the actual sun just weren't the same!).Also,I've been able to capture some pretty nice photos of the ice.